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Go..! Wildtracking System !!

      Go..! Wildtracking System !!      Go..! movebank !!
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  WT-300s (Goose)
  Writer : KOECO     Date : 16-06-28 11:06     Count : 2219    

WT-300s (Goose)



 Width  65mm
 Height  65mm
 Inner diameter  44mm
 Weight  >72g
 Power  Lithium Ion Battery with Solar Panel
 Coverage  Worldwide
 GPS Time Schedule

 Preset by user request

 From every 30minutes to once a week

 Data Saving Memory  200,000 GPS Locations
 Easy Access and Use Data

 Check the data any place with Internet access

 Date connected with Google Map and downloaded as Excel file

 Attached Form  Neck Band Type

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